I help women highlight their natural facial beauty and start a business in the beauty industry for currently the highest paid service -permanent makeup



“Toliko sam oduševljena što mogu podeliti sa vama da sam osvojila 1. mesto na renomiranom takmičenju za trajnu šminku! Osim toga, dobila sam priznanje za tehniku senčenja na usnama, te osvojila nagradu za najlepše usne, urađene mojom tehnikom senčenja. Izuzetno sam zahvalna za svu ljubav i podršku koju sam dobila tokom ovog putovanja. Osećaj pobede je i dalje nadrealan, i ne mogu verovati da se sav trud i rad koji sam uložila konačno isplatio. To samo pokazuje da posvećenost, upornost i ulaganje u sebe i svoje znanje zaista donosi uspeh, a ja sam više nego oduševljena što imam ovo postignuće pod svojim imenom. Još jednom, puno vam hvala za svu vašu podršku!”logo-natasamarinkovic

By combining crafts, art and medicine with practical work, you will be confident in yourself, your knowledge and skills.
And, the real art is to take care of a woman!
I'm here so that we can choose a treatment or education that is just right for you


  • Permanent Make up

    Permanent makeup will make your daily routine easier. It will make you look, at all times, flawless and fresh, without a minute spent on make-up, for up to 3 years...



    Removing old and unwanted permanent makeup treatments is a completely non-invasive treatment that can be done with a laser or removal technique. The results are visible already after the first treatment, and the final results in 3-4 weeks.


    I want you to get practice, lots of practice with my support, so that you can really learn how to do permanent make-up treatments in the best possible way and ultimately earn more money.


    In my Mentoring Program, you get tons of ideas from me on how to take your business to the next level and how to start thinking "marketingly" in order to see the bigger picture of unlimited possibilities.

    I have more than 7 years experience and over 7000 treatments permanent make-up of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. For a few years now, I have been sharing my rich experience, which I am constantly upgrading, so I have created a unique education for the currently most paid service in the beauty industry - permanent make-up of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.

    Years of Experience

    At the persuasion of people close to me, I decided to start a mini one Mentoring program, just to see if anyone would register by chance, because who am I to talk to anyone about this topic? What happened when I released the applications was really amazing to me... LEARN MORE!

    For a perfect look under the eyebrows!
    It highlights the eye and makes the eyelashes look visually thicker
    Permanent eyeliner 150€
    Shaded eyeliner 180€
    Permanent make-up of the lower eyelid 100€
    Permanent make-up of the upper eyelid 150€
    Permanent make-up of the upper eyelid shaded 180€
    Permanent make-up set of eyelids 230€
    Permanent make-up set of eyelids Shades 250€
    Eyelid correction after 1 to 3 months 30€
    Eyelid correction after 1 to 3 months 30€


    With permanent makeup on the lips, forget about pale lips, without  contours, and constant touch-ups of lipstick...


    Permanent lip contour makeup 180€
    Labello Lips permanent full lip makeup 200€
    Lip correction after 1 to 3 months 30€
    Correction "other people's work" 150€
    Combined technique of hair + shading 200€
    trajna šminka usana
    EYEBROWS are the mirror of the face and express our every emotion, and with permanent makeup you can finally have perfect eyebrows


    Eyebrow shading using the powder technique 200€
    Correction after 1 to 3 months 30€
    Correction up to one year 130€
    Correction after one year 200€
    Correction "other people's work" 200€

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    Koliko mladje i svežije izgleda, druga žena, BRAVO...

    To know . that my eyebrows are the same after 3 years, the pigment hasn't lost even a bit...

    I follow your work, I really like it, I know you have a salon in Kotor as well. I have an indescribable desire for you to do my eyebrows...

    Really beautiful eyebrows!

    I'm getting used to it. I like. Only one saw me and was delighted, I will certainly send you other reactions. My husband says that every day is getting more beautiful, maybe we all need to get used to the drastic change.

    My sun, they are top, I am waiting for them to peel off, but they are the top.

    I am very satisfied, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have all the recommendations from me.

    I saw them at a girl live and it's too good.

    Perfect and beautiful, rarely beautiful work. Well done!


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